Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Emotional Eating.... Lessons Learnt

We lost dear Harry yesterday...he passed away peacefully, as expected the family is a little shattered, but Harry is not in pain, and Irene can remember the old Harry who knew her and loved her.

So then what happens to me???
Emotional eating vs New Brenda ...well there was a fight in my head today with new me and the inner teenager and the teenager in me won...she got her way and got her chocolate... but how does she really feel now? Is she happy? Does she feel better? Was the grass greener over there with the chocolate bars??
A big fat NO!! Would be the answer, in fact its like a lot of the things in life we think we want and now I am really mad at myself.... I have fought a battle for the whole week without giving in to the emotional eating side of my brain..... Survived no alcohol for 2 Grand Finals....yes 2 Grand Finals.... only to get really upset today and turned to a block of chocolate..... and I am so mad at myself why did I not
• Go for a walk
• Phone a friend
• Get busy doing something else
• Put it on the layby plan
• Get some gum

and now I am so determined to not do this again I have worked out how much exercise to do to get rid of it and over the next 2 days that is my mission.... burn it off that will teach me.

I am trying to understand why I thought this would make me feel better... but am also thinking that its great I feel this mad and disappointed in myself...I am hoping that knowing now what the outcome was I may have really hit the point where I realise “light bulb moment” that it did not make me feel better in fact now I feel worse...sad about the loss of Harold, and mad at myself for being so weak...not being stronger.

Here’s hoping LESSON LEARNT...... the Grass is not always greener with the chocolate bars ......PS thanks for all your support