Sunday, May 6, 2012

Exercising in slippers

I know it has been some time since I blogged and I have been struggling lately, then someone whom I hope will become a great mentor for me suggested I return to blogging and with that I have decided to get back into it and share my current journey with you all.

For those of you who have been following me you would be well aware of the foot injuries that I have been dealing with over the past 2 years, great to be catching up with you again and for those of you new to my blog I will give you a quick "readers digest" version of the journey so far ... to bring you up to speed with everyone else.
I injured my feet initially 2 years ago taking part in the "relay for life" at Albert Park lake . I walked with a fantastic team and we are all still friends today pretty cool really as we were all complete strangers before this 24 hour event , anyway I digress as part of the challenge which is a fundraiser for Cancer research each team had a baton which they must keep on the relay track for the 24 hours (hence the Relay part passing the baton)

Here I am at last years relay for life...
 last year we did the RELAY and I completed less laps

We decided it would be a great idea for us ALL to walk for the entire 24 hours .... Fast forward 2 years I have battled with injured feet ever since ( bursitis, and Morton's neuromas the major issues), maybe not such a great idea after all.

In this 2 years I also decided I would gain my PT and group training qualifications which I have managed to achieve even completing my assessment in an attractive boot (one of the many failed treatments to fix my feet without surgery).
I also completed an additional course to work with kids groups coaching at schools which I love doing. These activities are though hindered by my feet and I have not been able to fully follow my dream. I did complete in a team triathlon ill tell you about that soon but I have not been able to participate in any running events for some time ( something I love to do - I really enjoy challenging myself).

recovery position!

So......4 weeks ago I had surgery on both my feet..... Seemed like a good idea at the time , the pain was a little more than I had expected and having both feet our of action was tough.... but then a further complication I developed a clot in my right calf and this has added to the delay in trying to recover, there have also been some additional complications along the way but I'm not going to bore you all with those... not yet anyway!  
I was really letting the injuries get to me and allowing it to make excuses as to why I could not do any exercise.

But that is all they really were poor excuses:
  • my feet hurt
  • I can't put my runners on
  • what about the clot will it move if I exercise -what's the point if I am limited with what I do
  • I'm too tired
  • I'm too sick
  • I feel sorry for myself
  • I cant get to the gym
  • I have no equipment
All excuses have been wiped!  So no more excuses now and on to "training in slippers".
 Today (which was Friday but my posting did not work) I completed the following arms workout which I simply downloaded a workout app to assist with the timings once I'm feeling back into it I will start my own program

So today the workout is arms and some abs: overhead press, bicep curls, triceps extensions, bent over rows, front raises,  (I used dumbbells but you could use cans or empty milk/drink bottles filled with sand/dirt) sit ups with medicine ball (or your weights made from drink bottles filled with sand/dirt),  push ups (on the knees feet still too sore to attempt toes) and the plank (on knees)

Afterwards I felt tired, I knew I was going to be a little sore but this should be a good feeling to know that I had not made any more excuses and made the effort to move a little.
Tomorrow it's legs and butt..
 My focus is to move more each day and to fuel my body with healthy food which has as minimal processing as possible. ( watching out for my weakness chocolate and crisps)

Come join me as I recover from my injuries/operation and regain my fitness it should be an open, honest and interesting journey.  Remember to look after you! chat next time....
What are your tips for getting around injuries or excuses? Please share them....

Friday, March 4, 2011

No excuses for being BUSY BUSY BUSY

So I know I haven’t blogged lately, and I have a lot of excuses but I’m not going to use any except to say I’m here now so I will get on with it.
Well it’s been a busy 2 weeks start to the program, I have been extremely busy and find myself thinking that it’s a full time job just getting healthy and fit!!
I have though been super organised, I need to I have a really busy schedule, I work 4.5 days a week, I exercise 6 days per week, I go to school 2 nights per week, I also have to fit in the family, my friends and any other emergencies that arrive.
I have prepared all my meals in advance and have been eating clean, so far I have lost 2.8 kilos and I am on track to hit my weight loss goal.
I am finding that I am very tired, but at the same time I am feeling great... a bit of a contradiction I know and I can’t explain it but that’s how I’m feeling today.
We had a boot camp last Sunday which I attended in a helping out capacity, it was fantastic to see the 12wbt girls and one boy, doing such an awesome job, and they are truly an amazing powerful bunch of people. We had a ball even in the pouring rain; Tommy Hopkins really knows how to pull a great boot camp together. It makes me want to be a PT even more, to see people having such a great time getting out and getting active.
Finally onto the subject that’s been haunting me for the past 6 weeks and the reason I am not walking Oxfam with some inspirational feet.
I have been he perfect patient for the past 6 weeks with no improvement , so now have been told it is on the next specialist in April... a long way away so I have been told I can walk and ice afterwards and see how that goes.... so I suppose Yeah me for the time being. I am quite terrified of what the next specialist will say and I do not want an operation.. Although I got the feeling form the DR today that may be on the cards....anyway I will cross that bridge when I get there, plenty more training to go and whilst I cannot run I am still managing to lose weight with alternatives
Chat later and lighter


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DAY 2 excuse #45763 or Plan b

So the program has kicked off, into day 2 and I have so far been eating well.
Been very prepared and made my meals in advance. Already cooked the broccoli and zucchini bake for tomorrow looks and smells yummo!!
I need to be super organised at the moment as I started my PT course last night, and our first module is Nutrition......
It’s quite daunting to be back studying again and I actually have to say I felt a bit old amongst so many young people...just starting out their lives I actually found myself questioning if I was doing the right thing.
But I really want to do this, I believe I have a lot to give back and I am sure that the “young ones “yes that was a television show back in the days are probably not as interested in the rehabilitation side as I am, they are at a different point in their lives.
I have been also fitting in my exercise around the study and homework (yes we have 4 pieces of homework to complete for tomorrow night)...had a bit of a hiccup tonight had to pull out excuse number #45763 stuck in traffic when I could not join some buddies at boxing, but not to fear I still took up Plan B and headed to the gym later.
I have planned out tomorrow so off to gym at #crackofarse instigated by one Amelia Burton (fantastic trainer) and then off to work, followed by school.
A busy day planned out, food planned out, BIG HAPPY SMILE ON MY FACE..... loving the new me already, Oh yeah and weigh in day....and I’m looking forward to it...GO FIGURE!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kick off and meeting mish

Had an awesome day today at Chaddy meeting Mish (again) and meeting some of the New 12wbter and some of the "oldies".
It was great to see so many smiling faces all ready to get healthy and become the best version of themselves that they can.

Well tomorrow is kick off for round 1.... I am all ready, I have completed all my tasks, I have taken the before shot (stll not that stunning) and I have diarised the week and lucky I did because I already have a couple of really full days. I have made sure that I can fit in my training and have now ensured I can eat clean for the week.

Tonight I made all my food for tomorrow including the dinner for tomorrow night which I will be taking with me.

Just a quick note tonight as I'm off to bed for the early start, but wanted to wish you all the nest of successes and ensure that your all making sure you are prepared and giving yourselves the best opportunity to succeed that you can. Being prepared and being consistant are 2 of the keys for me (of the many you will be learning).

Catch you all tomorrow (not sure when) as I start my course tomorrow, very daunting but I'm excited as well as very nervous.

chat soon


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time to reassess GOALS SET !!! not just fitness!!

As some of you know I have had some foot injuries and have had to reassess my goals for the next 12 here they are

1 month goals
Loose 4 kg
Complete 1st assessment for Fitness Course
Swim every week
Start riding a bike (not spin)
Me time for 2 hours every fortnight (to do something I love eg: scrapbooking)
Be a fantastic ambassador and make Mish and the team proud
How will I get there?
Eat cleanly,
Buy a bike
Planning my workouts and my schedule
Provide support and lead by example
3 month goals
Loose 15-20kgs
go Kayaking
Fit into my sexy goal dress
Enrol in a triathlon
How will I get there?
Eat cleanly,
Planning my workouts and my schedule to include goals
go shopping for dress (may not sound scary but is terrifying have not bought a new dress yet in 3 rounds)
6 month goals
Be at my goal weight
Enter and complete the City to surf
Complete my course and get certified
Start up my PT business specialising in rehabilitation, and children’s fitness groups
How will I get there?
Joining round 2 2011
Following the 12wbt program
Complete all assessments with distinctions
Attending seminars/courses etc.. to assist me in setting up and getting out there with my business
12 month goals
Walk kokoda trail
Attempt Oxfam dependent on “foot issues”
Warrior dash in NSW
Have at least 10 clients for my business
How will I get there?
Keeping fit and healthy by continuing on with all the lessons I have learnt from Michelle
Planning for and training for these events
Sticking to the mu business and life plan

CONSISTANCY in everything I do.

Friday, February 4, 2011


I'm tired, I can't be bothered - Go to bed earlier
I have worked hard all day - go before work
I deserve some time off I’ve done so well - you've done so well because of the hard work so don't start slacking off now
One day can't hurt; my kids want me to stay home - consistency is key, schedule the time in so you can still spend time with the kids
I don't like any of the classes that are on at this time - just do a different workout
I need to eat first and then it will be too late the gym will be shut - you won't die if you eat after
I'll do twice as much tomorrow...... do it now as you won't do twice as much tomorrow

EXTERNAL EXCUSES within my control
I’m too busy - Schedule in your training
Its pouring rain - do you melt?
It’s boiling hot - suck it up and make sure you hydrate
I’m not at home so can't use my gym - use one of the other workouts plan ahead and take some work out DVD's
We are on a holiday - Find out where a gym is and use it or go for a walk, do the outdoor workout
My car is broken - Walk to the gym, use a DVD workout...STOP MAKING EXCUSES JFDI

EXTERNAL EXCUSES outside my control
The gym is flooded – go help with the cleanup exercise in itself
My kids are sick - Do a DVD workout at home
Husband is sick - Do a DVD workout at home
Family member gravely ill - schedule workout time around visiting time or the time your caring for them
had to work too long at work over scheduled workout time - if you go first thing it won’t matter if your there late

Monday, January 31, 2011

Habits can be broken in 2 weeks or YEAH!! DETOX IS FINISHED

I undertook the detox for 2 reasons.
1. I felt generally unwell and bloated after Christmas
2. I wanted to give myself the best start for round 1, 2011 to kick off my journey to y goal weight
Well I have to say that when I started on the detox 2 weeks ago, I never thought it would be so hard.
There was to be:
• no caffeine ,I drink lots of coffee with 2 equals every time (or rather did) and copious amounts of coke zero (or rather I did) and am a confessed chocoholic
• no meat
• no wheat ( I loooove bread)
• no dairy…(think cappuccinos)
• no alcohol (did I not remember I had Australia day BBQ and my nephews 21st – had to check Moet was an alcohol…bugger
All of the above NO’s should have given me a clue as to the difficulty, anyway the first 5 days I had a throbbing headache, felt generally unwell and as very tired. By day 6 I started to feel a little better, but the craving for coffee never left me the whole time. it was extremely hard to cope at a BBQ with no meat and no alcohol etc and the 21st dinner again was quite a challenge.
I have now completed the detox successfully….and am very proud of myself.
I have no craving for any chocolate, and am eating sensibly using the good habits I have now made in the last 2 weeks.
I also had once coffee today with one spoon of raw sugar … didn’t even really enjoy it that much.
I have to say that whilst I have ways been told it takes 6 weeks (and I’ve heard 21 days too) to break a habit, my addictions to all the chemicals has truly been broken in the 14 days.
I am now ready to kick off my training again tomorrow and give myself a running start into Round 1.
Catch you all soon