Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kick off and meeting mish

Had an awesome day today at Chaddy meeting Mish (again) and meeting some of the New 12wbter and some of the "oldies".
It was great to see so many smiling faces all ready to get healthy and become the best version of themselves that they can.

Well tomorrow is kick off for round 1.... I am all ready, I have completed all my tasks, I have taken the before shot (stll not that stunning) and I have diarised the week and lucky I did because I already have a couple of really full days. I have made sure that I can fit in my training and have now ensured I can eat clean for the week.

Tonight I made all my food for tomorrow including the dinner for tomorrow night which I will be taking with me.

Just a quick note tonight as I'm off to bed for the early start, but wanted to wish you all the nest of successes and ensure that your all making sure you are prepared and giving yourselves the best opportunity to succeed that you can. Being prepared and being consistant are 2 of the keys for me (of the many you will be learning).

Catch you all tomorrow (not sure when) as I start my course tomorrow, very daunting but I'm excited as well as very nervous.

chat soon


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  1. Beautiful Lady, all the very best for you too as you start this next round. I love your determination... you are inspiring! Hope to see you around the traps.
    Love Tiz