Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DAY 2 excuse #45763 or Plan b

So the program has kicked off, into day 2 and I have so far been eating well.
Been very prepared and made my meals in advance. Already cooked the broccoli and zucchini bake for tomorrow looks and smells yummo!!
I need to be super organised at the moment as I started my PT course last night, and our first module is Nutrition......
It’s quite daunting to be back studying again and I actually have to say I felt a bit old amongst so many young people...just starting out their lives I actually found myself questioning if I was doing the right thing.
But I really want to do this, I believe I have a lot to give back and I am sure that the “young ones “yes that was a television show back in the days are probably not as interested in the rehabilitation side as I am, they are at a different point in their lives.
I have been also fitting in my exercise around the study and homework (yes we have 4 pieces of homework to complete for tomorrow night)...had a bit of a hiccup tonight had to pull out excuse number #45763 stuck in traffic when I could not join some buddies at boxing, but not to fear I still took up Plan B and headed to the gym later.
I have planned out tomorrow so off to gym at #crackofarse instigated by one Amelia Burton (fantastic trainer) and then off to work, followed by school.
A busy day planned out, food planned out, BIG HAPPY SMILE ON MY FACE..... loving the new me already, Oh yeah and weigh in day....and I’m looking forward to it...GO FIGURE!!

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