Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time to reassess GOALS SET !!! not just fitness!!

As some of you know I have had some foot injuries and have had to reassess my goals for the next 12 here they are

1 month goals
Loose 4 kg
Complete 1st assessment for Fitness Course
Swim every week
Start riding a bike (not spin)
Me time for 2 hours every fortnight (to do something I love eg: scrapbooking)
Be a fantastic ambassador and make Mish and the team proud
How will I get there?
Eat cleanly,
Buy a bike
Planning my workouts and my schedule
Provide support and lead by example
3 month goals
Loose 15-20kgs
go Kayaking
Fit into my sexy goal dress
Enrol in a triathlon
How will I get there?
Eat cleanly,
Planning my workouts and my schedule to include goals
go shopping for dress (may not sound scary but is terrifying have not bought a new dress yet in 3 rounds)
6 month goals
Be at my goal weight
Enter and complete the City to surf
Complete my course and get certified
Start up my PT business specialising in rehabilitation, and children’s fitness groups
How will I get there?
Joining round 2 2011
Following the 12wbt program
Complete all assessments with distinctions
Attending seminars/courses etc.. to assist me in setting up and getting out there with my business
12 month goals
Walk kokoda trail
Attempt Oxfam dependent on “foot issues”
Warrior dash in NSW
Have at least 10 clients for my business
How will I get there?
Keeping fit and healthy by continuing on with all the lessons I have learnt from Michelle
Planning for and training for these events
Sticking to the mu business and life plan

CONSISTANCY in everything I do.

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