Friday, March 4, 2011

No excuses for being BUSY BUSY BUSY

So I know I haven’t blogged lately, and I have a lot of excuses but I’m not going to use any except to say I’m here now so I will get on with it.
Well it’s been a busy 2 weeks start to the program, I have been extremely busy and find myself thinking that it’s a full time job just getting healthy and fit!!
I have though been super organised, I need to I have a really busy schedule, I work 4.5 days a week, I exercise 6 days per week, I go to school 2 nights per week, I also have to fit in the family, my friends and any other emergencies that arrive.
I have prepared all my meals in advance and have been eating clean, so far I have lost 2.8 kilos and I am on track to hit my weight loss goal.
I am finding that I am very tired, but at the same time I am feeling great... a bit of a contradiction I know and I can’t explain it but that’s how I’m feeling today.
We had a boot camp last Sunday which I attended in a helping out capacity, it was fantastic to see the 12wbt girls and one boy, doing such an awesome job, and they are truly an amazing powerful bunch of people. We had a ball even in the pouring rain; Tommy Hopkins really knows how to pull a great boot camp together. It makes me want to be a PT even more, to see people having such a great time getting out and getting active.
Finally onto the subject that’s been haunting me for the past 6 weeks and the reason I am not walking Oxfam with some inspirational feet.
I have been he perfect patient for the past 6 weeks with no improvement , so now have been told it is on the next specialist in April... a long way away so I have been told I can walk and ice afterwards and see how that goes.... so I suppose Yeah me for the time being. I am quite terrified of what the next specialist will say and I do not want an operation.. Although I got the feeling form the DR today that may be on the cards....anyway I will cross that bridge when I get there, plenty more training to go and whilst I cannot run I am still managing to lose weight with alternatives
Chat later and lighter