Monday, January 31, 2011

Habits can be broken in 2 weeks or YEAH!! DETOX IS FINISHED

I undertook the detox for 2 reasons.
1. I felt generally unwell and bloated after Christmas
2. I wanted to give myself the best start for round 1, 2011 to kick off my journey to y goal weight
Well I have to say that when I started on the detox 2 weeks ago, I never thought it would be so hard.
There was to be:
• no caffeine ,I drink lots of coffee with 2 equals every time (or rather did) and copious amounts of coke zero (or rather I did) and am a confessed chocoholic
• no meat
• no wheat ( I loooove bread)
• no dairy…(think cappuccinos)
• no alcohol (did I not remember I had Australia day BBQ and my nephews 21st – had to check Moet was an alcohol…bugger
All of the above NO’s should have given me a clue as to the difficulty, anyway the first 5 days I had a throbbing headache, felt generally unwell and as very tired. By day 6 I started to feel a little better, but the craving for coffee never left me the whole time. it was extremely hard to cope at a BBQ with no meat and no alcohol etc and the 21st dinner again was quite a challenge.
I have now completed the detox successfully….and am very proud of myself.
I have no craving for any chocolate, and am eating sensibly using the good habits I have now made in the last 2 weeks.
I also had once coffee today with one spoon of raw sugar … didn’t even really enjoy it that much.
I have to say that whilst I have ways been told it takes 6 weeks (and I’ve heard 21 days too) to break a habit, my addictions to all the chemicals has truly been broken in the 14 days.
I am now ready to kick off my training again tomorrow and give myself a running start into Round 1.
Catch you all soon

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