Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 2....going well

Well Day 2...and so far successful, since I have recommitted to Michelle the weight loss and challenges for this round, I have been really excited, by all the support I have gotten and equally enthused by the number of people who are themselves really committed, and I am hoping to support them too.

Today I ensured I was prepared for the day"foodwise"and although it took me around 20 minutes to prepare the brekky and lunch last night.....it was really worth it...preparation is another key, if you are not prepared its way too easy to go off track and snack or choose an unhealthy alternative. Eating healthy is not always easy in a food court!!

No wonder we are also booking in times to train, those with really busy lives (and I think that's most people these days) can so easily run out of time to train...when the days activities start to take over.

Having said that I have just watched Mish's live video and I'm off to train

be kind to yourselves

chat soon


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