Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DAY 3.....GREAT JOB GIRL some positive self talk

Sooo day 3...weigh in day, and I strip off...pee.... check for extra jewellery....and wait for it...step on the scales willing myself to almost tip toe in the hope that this will make me weigh less!!!
Well I have lost 1/2 a kilo in 2 days and I should be stoked with that result...I find myself thinking could I have done better, I set my expectations a little high...but I've had a chat to me...told myself that is a great result for 2 days... a healthy result that is sustainable over the journey and decided I am really proud of myself...I am out and moving and eating well, and I still feel fantastic.....
So bring on the day, bring on the challenges and roll on to the next weigh in.
Glad I had a chat to the new me, cause the old me would have said...oh well should have had the chocolate bar...maybe Ill have one now, and work it off for next week’s weigh in, and even some hot chips... but the new improved me....who like herself a little more said....GREAT JOB YOU GO GIRL!!!!
And I send that message to anyone else who did not quite get the results...keep working on it...your already on your way and as Mish says consistency is the key....the body will do its own stuff..... Me thinks Michelle is also living in my head...lol

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